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Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Questions

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What is another drug simular to adderall?

Posted 26 Jul 2010 by ljdaniel 4 answers

Is there a difference between bupropion hcl xl and wellbutrin xl?

Posted 11 Jun 2014 by scott22 4 answers

read the comments on wellbutrin xl on this site, one comment suggested getting wellbutrin, more $$? have very mild depression and adult ADHD. met with doctor today and when i picked up medication was burporpion, subsitute for Wellbutrin. so started investigating before i get started. appreciate the ...

Focalin vs Adderall: What's the difference?

Posted 5 Sep 2016 1 answerFAQ by

Focalin and Adderall are both used for ADHD, but is one more effective than the other?

How long does the ADHD drug Dextroaphetamine stay in your system?

Posted 13 Mar 2012 by savagegeek 2 answers

I am trying to get pregnant but currently on my period, I am also in a really stressful time at work and need to keep my wits about me. I went off all my meds back in December and have been mostly functional but I am wondering if I can safely go back on my ADHD meds (dextroaphetamine) for a couple ...

Concerta Vs Adderall: What's the difference between them?

Posted 12 Apr 2016 1 answerFAQ by

How long did it take for Seroquel to kick in? Aside for the sleeping effect, which I appreciate?

Posted 21 Jan 2016 by RS92 6 answers

I've been on Quetiapine Fumarate for almost 2 weeks. I started at 25mg at bedtime and then went up to 50mg at bedtime. This Friday night will mark 2 weeks. I've been diagnosed with Cyclothymia, a slight case of Borderline, and ADHD. I'm also going through a breakup, so I'm in a ...

Ritalin vs Adderall: What is the difference?

Posted 30 Aug 2016 1 answerFAQ by

Both medications are for ADHD but which one is better?

Modafinil (Provigil) vs Adderall: What's the difference?

Posted 13 Sep 2016 1 answerFAQ by

Modafinil (Provigil) and Adderall seem like similar drugs - they are both used in the treatment of narcolepsy and covertly as study aids. But is Modafinil more effective and less addictive than Adderall?

Ritalin vs Vyvanse - What's the difference between them?

Posted 16 Mar 2016 1 answerFAQ by

Strattera vs Adderall: What is the difference?

Posted 7 Sep 2016 1 answerFAQ by

Strattera and Adderall are both used in the treatment of ADHD. Is one more effective or more likely to cause dependence than the other?

Anyone taking Wellbutrin and Strattera together, how did it work?

Posted 5 Jun 2012 by mrslabrie 3 answers

I got switched from wellbutrin xl 450 mg and now taking the tablets 100mg 3x's a day my dr and I talked about adding strattera in a month has anyone done this combo and how did it work?

I see a psychiatrist tomorrow, what should I expect?

Posted 5 Sep 2012 by fallentim 17 answers

I have so much thats bass ackwards in my life I wont know where to start. Ive been fighting depression my whole life, Im adhd. when i was a kid i use to beg for my parents to kill me I was so miserable. Ive lost my wife and 3 kids, my company is doing really bad because I cant do paper work at all. ...

Adjustment period for Wellbutrin?

Posted 1 hour 49 minutes ago by giggy2 0 answers

Hi, I am on my fifth day on 150 dose of Wellbutrin. I have been experiencing an irritation, migraines and anxiety. I don't sleep well and my depression did not improved. How much longer should I wait before contacting my doctor? Also, I still have trouble focusing. Did you had similar ...

5-HTP - I took 50 mg of these with B6 complete and made me feel drowsy is this normal?

Posted 6 days ago by Kellyann36 1 answer

How long does it take to work I just feel dowsy thinking of not taking it any more

Intuniv + getting overstimulated?

Posted 16 days ago by Luckiebird 1 answer

17 y/o female depression generalized anxiety disorder ADHD auditory processing disorder and obsessive thinking: Since I've started taking Intuniv, I've been getting really overstimulated and overwhelmed sometimes I think I'm just going to scream! You would think this would be because ...

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