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Atomoxetine Questions

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Drug Test - I was just recently Prescribed Strattera (atomoxetine HCI) and I need to know if it will

Posted 27 Feb 2013 by treypezzy 4 answers

... show up on a drugtest. I know that it is a "non-stimulant" but when I googled it I ran across some wiki's that said something about a false positive for amphetamines. Can someone clarify this for me ,Please???

Strattera /atomoxetine effects migraines? weight gain/ loss? sex dysf in females?

Posted 21 Oct 2009 by brooke monet 3 answers

I have problems remaining focused on task and some depression. I tried lexapro and it gave very bad headaches and had to discontinue use before I could note any improvement. looking for someone who had taken Strattera

Should I allow my 9yr old to have atomoxetine?

Posted 20 Mar 2013 by lastchancesaloon 4 answers

my almost 10 yr old son has diagnosed ADHD. he has tried 3 different stimulant drugs at various dosages, some have worked for a little while and school have seen a big improvement in behaviour and work but then they seem to stop working as well. others have over stimulated him leaving him ...

What effective behaviour strategies are there that will help me cope with my adult ADHD at work?

Posted 11 Apr 2012 2 answers

Hello all, I have been diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 26. I am due to start my first job in the legal profession, as a trainee solicitor. I am currently taking Atomoxetine, which has helped me so much. I was wondering, what are the most effective behavioural techniques that people have used to ...

Is it best to take clonidine in the morning or at night for adhd?

Posted 20 Sep 2013 by ondi 1 answer

My son also takes non stimulant medication atomoxetine of an evening and does not have problems sleeping.

Atomoxetine - I gave my son 7 years strattera 10mg 2weeks then 18mg another 2 weeks but I noticed he

Posted 11 May 2014 by fatenbizri 2 answers

... started to refuse eating just little and he was always not happy no more laugh no more play but his hyperactivity was better at home but in the school they kept complaining of him so i stoped it now he is back to normal do you think i shouldnt stop it

I have been taking atomoxetine for past 5 days I am feeling a mild drowsiness?

Posted 20 Nov 2013 by bilalsiddiqui51 2 answers

if it is because of this medicine after how many days will it go away

Can Rhodiola Rosea and Atomoxetine be taken together?

Posted 3 Mar 2012 by Uroborosthesnake 1 answer

The Interactions Checker has come up dry - but, both of these pills affect the same thing right? I may be wrong - but, could anyone explain how they work together? Truthfully, I've just been put onto Atomoxetine, but Rhodiola has always been a welcome health-booster in my diet - and after ...

Atomoxetine - Is this medication alright to take if I?

Posted 10 Dec 2012 by lonely girl 1 answer

As I get older my anxiety attacks are much more frequent. I have never been diagnosed with ADD but I've always had a difficult time staying focused on only 1 thing. Should I try taking only when I feel anxious or take everyday?

Atomoxetine and breastfeeding?

Posted 18 May 2017 by redmma 0 answers

my doctor said it should be fine as long as I keep an eye on my baby, the pharmacist said the exact same thing. I know there is little research done on this but I'm wondering if there is anyone else who has breastfed on this medication before and if they noticed any affect on their child?

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