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What medications cause swollen ankles and feet?

What are swollen ankles and feet a sign of?

I am taking amlodipine and my feet ankles and legs keep swelling... can I just stop taking this med?

I have not been on it for very long and also take hydrochlorothiazide and verapamil for high blood pressure as well

Gabapentin not helping for nerve pain.Dose too low?

I have nerve pain in my ankle due to a permanent foot contracture (I have MD). Surgery is not an option due to lung issues. Anyways, I felt sharp stabbing pain along with tingling in my ankle (area around pain is numb) so my doctor prescribed gabapentin 100mg a day along with physical therapy. The... read more

What time of day/night is best to take furosemide?

I have AF of the heart and have a build up of fluid on lungs, I developed swelling in all joints mostly ankles and knees, I was giving furosemide 40 mg. What time of day would I benefit from taking this tablets

Can taking amlodipine 5mg and losartan 50mg cause swelling of ankles and feet, weight gain and hair?

... loss? I believe it is the amlodipine besylate. Can I stop it without weaning off?

Is naproxen ok to take for swelling from a sprained ankle along with my arhtritis?

I am on 500mg for my arthritis twice a day. Will the naproxen help for the swelling in the ankle as well? Rolled my ankle at work and is swollen, quite sore but not broken.

Diclofenac - Can Voltaren be taken with blood thinners?

Mod to severe joint pain in neck hips and ankles. Heal Spurs. On xarelto to thin blood. Looking for relief.

Can taking liquid NyQuil show up on a SCRAM bracelet as testing positive for alcohol?

I am on an electronic ankle monitoring device after getting a DUI and I’ve taken NqQuil for sleep for as long as I can remember. I didn’t realize it had alcohol in it until it was too late and I’ve taken it the last 3 nights for sleep. I have to go tomorrow to get it downloaded... read more

OTC Voltaren says use for 21 days max. Can I use it for 21 days for my ankles and...

... then switch to my knees? Should I have several weeks or more in between the two uses? Also, does the benefit of Voltaren stop when you stop taking it after 21 days? (Does the pain go back to the pre-Voltaren level). It's osteoarthritis of knees and ankles.

What is a good substitute for 5 mg amlodipine?

This amlodipine causes swelling in my 89 year old mother’s legs, ankles, feet; she can barely walk around. Along with this drug , she takes 25mg cardeveliol twice a day, 40 mg of olmesartan with 12.5 hydrochlorothiazide once a day. Furesomide for swelling as needed. We have consulted primary... read more

Can prednisone and oxycodone be used together?

Can prednisone and oxycodone be taken together. I have selling in ankles, foot and legs on both sides.

How long for ankle/foot swelling to subside?

Stopped amlodipine 3 weeks ago. Swelling still severe and gets worse when I spend time on my feet. Doc said it could take months to subside! How long did it take for your swelling to go away? Did anything in particular help? Thx.

What can cause edema swollen ankle and feet, stroke patient (2004)?

Age 82, stroke (2004) left side affect. Used to have a little swelling now both feet very swollen. Bladder overactive taking lisinopril and solfinacein

Venlafaxine ankles and feet swelling after 3 days?

Hi everyone. Started 75mgs 3 days ago and already ankles and feet swelling. Same happened on Mirtazapine after a week and was advised by GP to stop taking as she wouldn't be able increase the dose with those side effects. However, different GP has just said over phone, via receptionist, to... read more

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