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What are the brands of testosterone?

Just prescribed Androgel and have been using for a week, how long until I start seeing results?

Greetings, Last week my doctor prescribed Androgel, 1%, 5mg for me because of low testosterone. I'm a 48 year old white male, 40 pounds overweight and taking meds for high bp and high cholesterol. My reason for seeing the doctor was because for the past 8 months, my sex drive, ability to have... read more

Why can't Androgel be applied to the genitals? What is the result?

I spilled a small amount of Androgel on my penis and it seemed to help the poor circulation/blood flow problem and resulting shrinkage I have had for years. Why can't I continue using Androgel in this way to midigate this discomfort?

Testim - Im using androgel 1.62 but it costs too much ...looking for similar testosterone?

... medication that costs less

Why is it preferable to apply Androgel in the morning? As opposed to the evening? Wouldn't?

it be the same? Thanks for your answer in advance

Does Androgel cause an erection?

I have ED and I am using Androgel to help me get an erection. My question is, " will it cause an erection"?

What is best time of day to apply Androgel?

Can any of the following medications cause a false positive of a drug test: bupropion, fenofibrate,?

... meloxicam, AndroGel, simvastatin, orphenadrine, Alendronate sodium. I am getting false positives for marijuana, and I don't use marijuana

I understand androgel can be applied to the shoulders or stomach. Is one area better than the other?

I also heard someone say that it can help to lose weight. Is that true?

AndroGel - Does it make your penis bigger?

If Androgel is expired, by a couple years, will it still work?

I ask because we have no benefits and this is expensive to buy!!!

Effect of T gel (Androgel, Testim) on erection rigidity, ejaculate volume and refractory period?

It is reassuring to hear that transdermal T gels (Androgel, Testogel and Testim) can significantly improve sexual function. Specifically, I would like some feedback on the effect of these transdermal testosterone gels on the following aspects of sexual function: 1) Rigidity of erection upon sexual... read more

Ringing in ears from Paxil?

I have been on Paxil 10 mg for 16 days then woke up with ringing in my ears been there for 4 days now is this a side effect of the Paxil? I also take androgel for low testosterone and take 3mg of lunesta to sleep at night? Anyone got any answers? Will this go away?

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