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Does Ampyra cause elevated alkaline phosphate levels?

Posted 4 Aug 2017 by teggie1950 0 answers

I have been taking Ampyra for 2 years. At first it was wonderful. I could walk faster and stay on the treadmill longer. Now it does not have the same effect at all. I have fallen 7 times in the last six months and I can only walk at most 10 minutes at a time. My alkaline phosphate levels have been ...

What are the effects of the interaction of bupropion and Ampyra?

Posted 5 Sep 2016 by MelanieKaye 0 answers

I take buproprion and Ampyra. I see it comes up as a major interaction. What does this mean?

Ampyra - Can u use amypra for ppms?

Posted 13 Feb 2016 by Dancing girl 0 answers

I have ppms since 7 years and walking is really getting difficult now! I am not on any medication and suffer from severe fatigue as well . Want to try this amypra if u think it might help Thanks

I am running out of pills waiting on a refill. Should I take 1 a day until the refill gets here?

Posted 18 Aug 2015 by Lorifi 2 answers

I'm waiting on the VA to refill my Ampyra. I have 5pills left. Should I take 1 a day to make it last 5 days or stay with rules and only have 2 1/2 days of meds?

Does anyone have worsening of symptoms while taking ampyra?

Posted 29 Oct 2015 by fmv 1 answer

I have been on Ampyra 6 weeks. After 3 I noticed a significant improvement in cognitive function and more energy but no other physical improvements. Since then friends have noticed that I'm more alert and less fatigued with less speech slurring. My question; In the last 2 weeks, I have ...

Ampyra - Concerned about Dizziness?

Posted 16 Oct 2015 by 50ds70ds 1 answer

If it should happen, what do I do to for a quick comfort. I need to know more than just a generic answer of a typical 911, cause I cannot afford copays on an ambulance ride. Let alone our local and only small town hospital is uneducated and not up to date. Until a few years from now when I can ...

Is it okay to take Ampyra & Tysabri ?

Posted 10 Nov 2014 by BarbiRox 1 answer

Getting Tysabri Infusions monthly, and wanted to know if I can take Ampyra ?

Ampyra - Does Medicare pay for Ampra?

Posted 19 Jul 2013 by Patricksemo 1 answer

von ex?

Ampyra - can't afford it?

Posted 9 Sep 2013 by Julie Brodersen 1 answer

I'm retired and only have s.s monthly. How can I afford to take it. I'm not on title 19 or any other support to live on.

Has anyone taken Ampyra after being confined to a wheel chair?

Posted 7 Aug 2012 by sbh2781 1 answer

I have been reading all the posts, and several have stated that they have gone from needing a wheel chair to walking with a cane. My mother has had MS since 1989 and is confined to a wheel chair... I have been looking into new meds for her, however her Neurologist told me that Ampyra is a good ...

When traveling different time zones, how best to adjust time to take meds?

Posted 20 Dec 2010 by Nancy.Coulter 2 answers

My pills say take 12 hours apart. I will be in a 3 hour difference time zone for 10 days. The meds are Ampyra.

Ampyra - I was wondering if this drug would be affective for a brain stem stroke?

Posted 5 Jan 2012 by bmanipol 1 answer

my father had a brain stem stroke 5 years ago. he is an active person and very physical fit. his symptoms affected are numbness, balance issues and veryy minimal feeeling in hands. his symptoms seem very simular to an ms patient so i was wondeing if this dru could help.

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