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Amiodarone Questions


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I am on amiodarone for irregular heart beat since 2013. Developed mild hyperthyroidism.

Posted 11 days ago by Leburu 1 answer

Like to stop taking amiodarone. Is there any alternative?

I have a heart problem that's why I'm on these meds?

Posted 12 Dec 2016 by Chris4man 1 answer

I'm a 24 year old male. My doc put my on amiodarone and warfarin about 1 month ago and I've been on bystolic for 2 years and yesterday I woke up with a rash on my hands and my neck red itchy splotches. I read the side effects on warfarin. Could that be the problem and if so why did it ...

How to treat side effects of amiodarone?

Posted 16 Sep 2016 by trifi01 1 answer

My mother is being treated for lung problems that appear to have been caused by an adverse reaction to amiodarone 200 mg. We are looking for a second opinion as they imply that there isn't much they can do to help recovery. Can you recommend a doctor we can request a review with?

Just started taking low dose amiodarone (100 mg) first week I came down with a very?

Posted 12 Sep 2016 by palacios36 1 answer

swollen left ankle. and an area near the groin, nothing on the right leg. Is this something to worry about? Will it go back to normal once the drug is stopped? jal

Does powdered hawthorn berry interact with amiodarone?

Posted 30 Aug 2016 by Chargo 1 answer

I want to check herbs to lower my BP, especially systolic and have read about powdered hawthorn berry used to make a mix with cinnamon, raw honey and cocoa powder. I had a pacemaker installed in January and have atherosclerosis. My dr put me on Amiodarone. So far the pm and amiodarone seem to be ...

I was taking amiodadrone once a day I just took my evening pills and accidently took?

Posted 26 Aug 2016 by Nfdarla 1 answer

Took another amiodadrone will it hurt me

What are alternate options for Amiodarone?

Posted 16 Jun 2016 by Clotfelter 1 answer

Have CHF and dr prescribed Amiodarone but I have side effects and looking for alternate drug to replace Amiodarone

I'm feeling awful. Do the side effects of amiodarone eventually go away?

Posted 20 Apr 2016 by Samplake 1 answer

purple hands and palms, tremors, lightheaded, breathless, weak, achy. I could go on, but you get the point.

Been on Amiodorone...DR took me off Now I cough all day long.., help?

Posted 17 Apr 2016 by Dtram 1 answer

Dr took me off Amiodorone, now I can't stop coughing , Help?

Odefsey Interaction with amiodarone?

Posted 9 Mar 2016 by sreed8 0 answers

What are the possible side effects when Odefsey is taken with amiodarone used for A-Fib condition with pacemaker?

Is anyone taking Sotalol for v-fib?

Posted 15 Jan 2016 by Libo024 0 answers

Have ICD installed and stopping Amiodarone

I have been on Amiodarone, solidly for the last 3 months after having 5 cardioversions, and an?

Posted 6 Feb 2016 by annieszoo 0 answers

... ablation. Really feeling rubbish, and my eyesight seems to be deteriorating rapidly. New glasses only 4 months ago. I am back in sinus finally, but still have extreme breathlessness, which is all side effects of this vile drug. who has come off it??

I have been prescribed amiodarone. I have a newly inserted pacemaker but my concern is I have cellu?

Posted 15 Feb 2016 by mud537 0 answers

cellulitis and would like to know if this has an effect on it. I have been treated with atibiotics but it is not going away.

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