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Ambien or trazodone - which is best for sleep?

Posted 10 Aug 2011 by angel235 13 answers

I currently take ambien to sleep. I have to take 3 or more of them for them to work. My dr just switched me to trazodone, do you think it will work as good. I have horible insomnia and am very worried this med won't work as well as ambien...

How long does it take Ambien to work? I don't "knock" out when I take it, like what happens to all?

Posted 8 Sep 2011 by DRaffaeli 5 answers

... my other friends who do take Ambien. I wake up several times throughout the night. I've only started taking it a couple nights ago, but want to know if it takes awhile for your body to adjust to it for it to work

Will ambien show up on a drug screen?

Posted 28 Jun 2011 by djmattc5643 4 answers

Ive heard yes. Ive heard no. I know its not a benzo. Its a non-benzo hypnotic. I do drug screens for work and was perscribed this for sleep but I havnt taken it yet because I cant get an honest answer. Is there someone out there who can answer this with 100% certainty? PLEASE!

Can you take two 10mg of ambien?

Posted 16 Aug 2013 by BOSSLADIE75 19 answers

I'm a female 37 276lb

Wellbutrin for depression and anxiety, how long till I feel better, what are your stories?

Posted 11 Jun 2012 by Archie21 9 answers

I have a back injury that will not get better, it has now caused depression and anxiety, I'm taking wellbutrin xl 150mg in the a.m. On my 3rd day. I also take between 50-100 mg trazodone at night along with 15-20mg ambien. What should I look forward to on this wellbutrin, how long until my ...

Is it safe to take 3 10mg Ambien??

Posted 17 Aug 2012 by usernameanonymous 20 answers

I took 3 Ambien and earlier today I took a total of 4 Lortab. I'm starting to worry. Note, I haven't popped all 3 at the same time, neither the 4 Lortab. Thanks in advance.

How long does Ambien/zolpidem stay in your system?

Posted 18 Dec 2011 by xRavenxWingx 3 answers

Hello, I'm 18 and I have some severe anxiety issues that make it where its really difficult for me to sleep sometimes... my mom sometimes gives me some of her Ambien to help me sleep, but since I've been taking it for a while it sometimes takes two pills to help me get some rest... I know ...

Taking Xanax and ambien at the same time for bed?

Posted 16 Jul 2013 by Haw1969 6 answers

Can you take trazodone and ambien together?

Posted 26 Nov 2012 by Dawn081379 10 answers

I have had severe insomnia for years and years, and nothing seems to help except for benzodiazapines,which I already take alprazolam for panic attacks, and my doctor doesnt want to increase.Temazopam and dalmane helped me in the past, but my dr wont prescribe, so I am tryng to find an alternative ...

Whats a good alternative drug for Xanax to deal with Anxiety and panic attacks?

Posted 29 Jan 2011 by Hernandaz111 4 answers

I'm taking Xanax, Adderall XR, Ambien, and Lamictal**

Is it O.K. to take both Hydrocodone and Zolpidem (Ambien) at night for sleep???

Posted 2 Oct 2014 by ShirleyBorden 4 answers

The Hydrocodone is 5-325 and the Zolpidem is 10 mg.

What is best for sleep, Ambien or Trazadone or both?

Posted 18 Oct 2010 11 answers

I am prescribed ambien and trazadone for insomnia I only sleep for short periods of time? Now when I got the ambien I was told that it was the strongest sleep aid available - it was also a controlled substance. Now my trazadone isn't but i feel like ambien doesn't even come close to ...

Does Ambien work immediately, or take time to work?

Posted 19 Apr 2013 2 answers

I was recently prescribed Ambien (zolpidem 5mg) for insomnia, and I've taken the prescribed dosage two nights in a row. It hasn't had any noticeable effect on my sleep pattern. I still have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. Is this something that I have to take regularly to get ...

Ambien & Benedryl. Allergy season is creeping up and my sinuses are haywire?

Posted 16 Mar 2013 by mavido 7 answers

Even Ambien can't put me to sleep if I've got a solid stream of snot running down the back of my throat. Benedryl usually helps a lot but I'm unsure about taking it in conjunction with the Ambien. Anyone else ever look into this?

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