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Agoraphobia Questions

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Does Xanax help you sleep?

Anxiety - Properly tapering off Ativan?

Hi everyone So glad to have found this place. I have suffered from severe anxiety, panic attacks, OCD, stress-intolerance, Agoraphobia and a few other anxiety-related disorders for about 12 years now. I've also been taking Ativan (1mg) for the last 4 years and was splitting my pills in half.... read more

What should I expect while taking 0.5mg of Klonopin?

I have real bad anxiety and panic attacks with agoraphobia, I have had this for 12 years but the last 6 months I've called 911 over 56 times. I get the feeling or fear of dying losing, control wanted to faint real dizzy etc, Mental health doctor gave me Klonopin 0.5mg twice a day BUT I am... read more

Switching from Paxil to Prozac?

My Paxil doesn't seem to work anymore. My agoraphobia is bad again. Bad depression and anxiety. My doctor is switching me to Prozac from Paxil without any tapering. I'm very scared because Paxil withdrawal is awful! Can anyone give me any advice please?

Xanax 0.25mg and Lexapro 10mg?

I was recently prescribed Lexapro 10mg for my panic/agoraphobia and Xanax 0.25mg to help with the anxiety while first starting the Lexapro. My question is, does Xanax 0.25mg have any noticable side effects besides relaxing you? My doctor told me since its such a small dose it probably wont be... read more

Dr. has decided to switch me from Fluoxetine to Venlafaxine and I am terrified! What is the...

... difference between an SSRI and an SNRI? How will the side effects differ? My main struggle is daily anxiety, racing thoughts, and my agoraphobia is getting worse. Is there actually a Med that helps agoraphobia or do you just have to face it head on?

Quetiapine - Do you take seroquel during the day to calm anxiety?

I'm currently detoxing from my Ativan/lorazepam and am down to .5 mg for the day and I am also on gabapentin three times a day to help with anxiety/agoraphobia. My psychiatrist told me to take seroquel at night for racing thoughts which I'm taking to mean anxiety. He also said I could... read more

When and how should I take my Lexapro and Ritalin? And do certain side effects subside?

So I am prescribed 20mg Lexapro for anxiety and clonazepam 1-2mg as needed (don’t use it that often just in case of panic attacks and my agoraphobia) and recently I was prescribed Ritalin 10mg to be taken 3 times daily ranging from either 10mg 3 times a day , 15mg 3 times a day or 20mg 3... read more

Teva clonazepam wafers vs pills?

I was put on Teva Klonopin 2 years ago for anxiety, agoraphobia and insomnia. The Teva 1mg worked WONDERS. No side effects, I got a good job and slept great. Any panic I got I could settle down on my own. They stopped making the Teva brand pill... they switched it to Actavis which made me so sick I... read more

Should I stop Zoloft of wait this misery out? I've been on it for a few weeks now.

Started on 50 mg and had minimal side effects. Slept good, some diarrhea for about two days and better mood after a week but still some anxiety and agoraphobia. My doctor raised the dosage to 100 mg and that's what it all started. Severe insomnia and frequent diarrhea at least 3 times or more... read more

What should I do…4 weeks 15 mg for agoraphobia?

I’m so scared this won’t work… after Effexor and Zoloft (without effect) I now took 2 weeks 10 mg and 4 weeks 15 mg Paxil. I suffer crippling agoraphobia with panic attacks to the point that it makes me vomit. I don’t feel a big difference after 4 weeks. What should I do?

Zoloft - Is sertraline helpful for agoraphobia and general anxiety?

I’ve been suffering from agoraphobia to the point where I struggle to leave the house at all in fear of panicking in public and is worse when I’m on my own. I was wondering if anyone has similar experiences and has found sertraline helpful in terms of reducing anxiety/depression and... read more

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