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Does the morning after pill work 2 days before ovulation?

On Jan-3-2020, 20-30 minutes after intercourse I bought my pill. I realized that I was in my fertile window. Two days later, Jan-5 I tested positive for ovulating and I don’t know if the pill failed. I am scared that I am pregnant and I am wondering if there are any answers out there.

Does emergency contraceptive cause nausea weeks after?

I took Plan B and after a the day after and had nausea for 2-3 days and even vomited on the third day. On my second week I did not get any nausea, but on the third week, I got nausea and even vomited once again. Took a pregnancy test, and it was negative. Do emergency contraceptives cause nausea... read more

Does taking more than one emergency contraceptive makes your period absent for more months?

Does taking plan b and aftera the day after. Can your period be absent or irregular for two months?

Contraception-What are chances of pregnancy if took Aftera pill after protected sex?

Was in my fertile window?

Aftera - Please help me!!

I had an incident the next day after taking Aftera. I don't know what to do?. Should I take another pill.

Aftera - Did my Plan B work?

Would my Plan B work if taken on the second day of ovulation?

Aftera - Had anyone experienced late period by 2 months?

Has anyone taken this pill and had a period two months late? I took it within first 24 hours but still no period and ive taken about 5 or 6 pregnancy tests all negative i am going insane !!

Aftera - I need some help because I’m worried?

Should I be worried if I haven’t got my period? It’s been 3 weeks since I took it and I’m getting a little worried because I have an irregular period. Please can someone just help me because I’m starting to freak out. It’s worked all the other times but never took this... read more

Aftera - I had sex on Wednesday and he didn’t pull out?

I bought the Aftera the next day and took it at 5 in the afternoon

Aftera would it work and how many times can you take it?

Took Aftera 3 days before ovulation.. would it work??

Does Aftera make your period lighter than usual?

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