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Does Actemra cause hair loss ?

The drug itself , not the disorder . Is there a cancer treatment in actemra? One of my previous infusions had chemo in it and caused hair loss .

Posted 18 days ago 0 answers

Is there a negative interaction with actemra and steroids?

Could my sun-sensitivity I am noticing be related to this interaction? I have redness and blotchy skin on my shoulders and it itches. I have been on actemra for just 3 months. I went to dermatologist ...

Posted 30 May 2016 0 answers

I have PMR and GCA and have been on steroids for 6 months.My doc wants me to start Actemra infusion?

The side effects from the steroids are out of control. I have trouble going up stairs, my leg muscles have really atrophied. I can't get out of the tub any more. I get claw like hand and foot ...

Posted 18 Jan 2016 1 answer

My son is 19 yrs old and has been on Actemra IV infusions for about 4 yrs for his juvenile?

... rheumatoid arthritis. Since he has turned 18 he hasn't been getting his monthly infusions on time. Sometimes he skips a month... He has the attitude that he doesn't need it... BUT as ...

Posted 26 Jan 2016 0 answers

Can I travel to Spain 67 hours after having an Actemra infusion?

I have rheumatoid and osteo arthritis and this will be my 5th infusion. I receive the infusion 1 x per month. Along with Actemra infusion I am taking 15mg 1 time per week of methotrexate

Posted 22 Feb 2016 0 answers

Hello Actemra users, anyone having issues with eyes on ACtemra? Dry eye and painful red eye lids. IF

... so, how are you managing? I can't use Restasis. OTC drops, warm compresses and night time ointment already in use. I have RA, Sjogren's disease, and am using a prednisone burst at the ...

Posted 18 Feb 2016 0 answers

Actemra - Very worried can't find out any helpful information. I am unsure what to do?

Their is a chance I am pregnant. Does anyone have a clue if it is safe to continue with my actemra infusions??

Posted 13 Nov 2015 1 answer

Systemic Sclerosis - Effectiveness of Actemra and Fresolimumab?

During my research today i found two new drugs specific to SS. Actemra and Fresolimumab. They both appear to be in a clinical trial stage but apparently are available. Does anybody on this site have ...

Posted 23 Jan 2016 0 answers

How long does it take to get actemra out of your system?

I was getting ready for my fourth infusion. no relief at all yet, the pain and the fatigue was as bad as it could be. Them I developed rashes all over my body and swelling on my legs and feet. We ...

Posted 15 Aug 2015 0 answers

Not feeling any better with Actemra?

Well, have had my third infusion Actemra and still not feeling better. doctor said I was on a low dose he can double my dose I'm scared. he said that I was only taking a small very small dose. ...

Posted 8 Mar 2015 1 answer

Has anybody had surgery while on actemra?

I just found out on thursday at my ent appointment i keep getting infections because i need my tonsils out. The ent won't even consider it until i get the okay from my rheumatologist. Does ...

Posted 30 Jan 2015 1 answer

Well I will be going in soon for my next infusion of Actemra?

Going in for my next infusion of Actemra soon. Meantime, had to ask for another perception of prednisone. I am hoping the Actemra starts working soon. The doctor doesnt want to keep me on the ...

Posted 25 Jan 2015 1 answer

I will have been on Actemra infusions for a year in August. Had had many side effects. Sores in my?

... mouth. Gastrointestinal problems. Last month was the worst. Woke the night of my infusion with the soft palate in my mouth swollen. Glands extremely sore and swollen. I could hardly swallow. One ...

Posted 5 Jul 2013 1 answer

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