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Starting Actemra for PMR, RA and GCA looking for others currently using Actemra?

Posted 19 Sep 2016 by Nitrobunny 7 answers

Hello! I am starting Actemra next week. I was Dx with PMR in 2004 and in January of this year and landed in the hospital with GCA and the worst headache of my life. I also have RA. I switched rheumatologists and my new one recommended I research and consider starting Actemra. I would like to know ...

How well does Actemra work? and has anyone tried it?

Posted 21 Nov 2010 by Branwen33 3 answers

I was in a study for Rituxam for over 5 years but felt like I had built up a tolerance to it. In hopes that one of the newer RXs would work I reluctantly came off the study & started Cimzia around Feb (9 mths ago) but have not had any relief so my RA Dr is going to try me on Actemra. I have a ...

I have PMR and GCA and have been on steroids for 6 months.My doc wants me to start Actemra infusion?

Posted 18 Jan 2016 by maryanned79 4 answers

The side effects from the steroids are out of control. I have trouble going up stairs, my leg muscles have really atrophied. I can't get out of the tub any more. I get claw like hand and foot spasms. Tremors in my hands. Bp 122/94. Anyway, I read about the potential life threatening infections ...

I am due to start actemra next week and am I little nervous any advice will help?

Posted 25 Mar 2013 by angjlu 4 answers

I have had RA for over 3yrs tried methotrexate and sulfasazine didn't work, humira worked for awhile and simponi didn't work at all... And now will start actemra soon... I am not afraid of needles just of the unknown any tips or facts will help??

I was given a one month sample of Xeljanz and felt great relief after 2 weeks?

Posted 18 Feb 2018 by Kpone 3 answers

However, I'm having trouble getting 'approved' from the drug company for co-pay assist. I have never experienced this before and I have had co-pay assist from Humira, Enbrel and Actemra. My sample has run out in the time it's taking for all the paperwork to go through. I have ...

Enbrel failed after 9 years. Rituxan has not helped after 2 months. Has anyone tried Actemra?

Posted 4 Oct 2010 by jjra 4 answers

Is there a super special Rheumatology clinic in the US?

Can Actemra cause Hair Loss?

Posted 26 Mar 2011 by fredlangston 1 answer

I have been on Actemra for about 7 months for rheumatoid arthritis. I recently noticed my hair is thinner. Can this drug cause hair loss?

Actemra - How long will it take to work!?

Posted 4 Sep 2016 by GammaD64 2 answers

I had my 4th dose of Actermia one it will be two weeks Monday! I do feel better since taking it but I still have a Sed Rate of 68 down from 98 4 months ago. I don't want to be discouraged! How long should I expect a good response to this drug! I was on Remicade for 10 years and worked great ...

Rheumatoid Arthritis - What is your relationship like with your RA Dr?

Posted 15 Jan 2011 by Branwen33 3 answers

I've been thinking about trying a new RA Dr. All the stuff I've been reading always speaks of this wonderful "relationship" you should have w/ your Dr. (Which only makes since seeing how often I'm there.) And how all these treatmt options should be available & discussed ...

During the first month or so after starting Actemra did RA get much worse before it got better?

Posted 3 Jan 2012 by bromse 1 answer

I was on Remicade for up to 9 years. Changed to Actemra after too many bad days per month on Remicade. Now, after 3 load-in doses of Actemra, I'm miserable with even more bad days, crippling foot pain and bad hands. Is this normal?

How long does it take to get actemra out of your system?

Posted 15 Aug 2015 by M-Cirlande 1 answer

I was getting ready for my fourth infusion. no relief at all yet, the pain and the fatigue was as bad as it could be. Them I developed rashes all over my body and swelling on my legs and feet. We stopped the infusions. Now I would like to know how long it will take for Actemra to get out of my ...

Does Actemra cause hair loss ?

Posted 13 Jul 2016 by kizzie4041 1 answer

The drug itself , not the disorder . Is there a cancer treatment in actemra? One of my previous infusions had chemo in it and caused hair loss .

Actemra - What do you do if you have a sore throat and a rash that itches?

Posted 25 Feb 2011 by Senko 2 answers

Is there anything to take? Is there anything to help over the counter

I will have been on Actemra infusions for a year in August. Had had many side effects. Sores in my?

Posted 5 Jul 2013 by bevnichols 1 answer

... mouth. Gastrointestinal problems. Last month was the worst. Woke the night of my infusion with the soft palate in my mouth swollen. Glands extremely sore and swollen. I could hardly swallow. One tonsil ballooned. Kept me awake most of the night. very painful. lasted the entire month of June. ...

Has anybody had surgery while on actemra?

Posted 30 Jan 2015 by angjlu 2 answers

I just found out on thursday at my ent appointment i keep getting infections because i need my tonsils out. The ent won't even consider it until i get the okay from my rheumatologist. Does anybody know if i will have to stop my actemra for a few months to have it? I got no clue

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