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What does it feel like when you have a flare up of diverticulitis? For me it is a stabbing pain...

... in my abdomen, almost like a labor pain, except one right after the other. Goes on for several hours. Then it subsides. I feel wiped out and exhausted. Is this the same for others?

I sometimes have sharp pains in my incision site where my appendix was taken out, is it normal?

I got my appendix removed about 4 months ago and as of recent I have been having odd pains in the incision areas and in my lower abdomen, the pain is very sharp, but not constant. It's kinda like a burning, stabbing sensation.

Prescribed magnesium citrate for constipation, this is not the normal for me!?

Have a terrible stomach ache with nausea and heartburn, my lower abdomen was in all sorts of pain and the ER thought I my appendix was bad only to find the my digestive tract is full of feces! I was prescribed magnesium citrate and it did work (I think)..But my concern is oes the magnesium citrate... read more

Pregabalin. I am taking 75 mg. Does it cause water retention?

My stomach and abdomen are very bloated. So far it has not helped my nerve pain, insomnia and anxiety. I have only been taking it for 2 weeks. Will the bloating go away?

Pain pump & Fentanyl?

Hi, I had a pump inserted in my abdomen Dec 2013. I had been on 225 mcg Fentanyl + about 600 mg oxycodone. I totally stopped the fentanyl the day the pump went in. & quickly tapered off oxycodone. Sadly, several new issuescame up (back, visceral pain syndrome, cdiff, etc). Since the pump is... read more

I have been taking 5 mg.of Eliquis twice a day for 1 week now. Experiencing digestive problems and?

... increased anxiety and depression. Is this a side effect of Eliquis and does it go away after being on it for a while? Digestive problems include feelings of bloating and fullness in abdomen and slight nausea from time to time. Feel very anxious which leads to my increased depression. I am 75... read more

How long does it take you cure H-PYLORI? I've completed the treatment but I'm still in severe pain?

I fell burning in my upper abdomen. I constantly feel like I have acid reflux in my throat, no matter what I eat fruit veggies anything makes it worse. I was on a clear liquid diet for a week and still no relief. I just don't know what else to do. My appt for the GI Dr isn't until... read more

Lyrica - Does Pregabalin cause bloating/swelling of the abdomen?

I have been on Pregabalin for 4 months (for anxiety, 600mg daily) and have started to experience severe abdominal swelling. I have had issues with bloating in the past and have IBS in my family however, I have not experienced anything as bad as this. I'm considering coming off the treatment... read more

Can Postior 2 cause lower back pain and weird feeling in abdomen?

I had sex (protected) for the first time and after we finished I realized that the condom broke. This was two weeks before my period based on me period tracker app. I took the morning after pill 4 hours after sex then the other 11 hours after. I later woke up with lower back pain and a weird... read more

Can the antibiotic “Bactrim” be prescribed or used for STDs?

Recently was given Bactrim for a possible UTI but I also was possibly exposed to an STD before starting the medication. My symptoms were a dull pain in the lower abdomen, slight pain in testicles, urination was not normal, and possible prostate issue. Doctor said it could have been a bacterial... read more

Amitriptyline - can it cause testicular pain at 20mg?

I have been taking amitriptyline for a few years for lower back pain. Started at 10mg, now on 20mg. I don't think it is helping that much. Have pain in low abdomen and sometimes testicles. Could this be a side effect?

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