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Can trazadone cause abdominal swelling with weight loss?

Posted 4 days ago by nannybowman 2 answers

have swelling in abdomen and pain under rib cage. No tests have turned anything. THis started months after I started taking trazadone

Not sure what is causing this...medication or condition?

Posted 11 days ago by Hopeywan 1 answer

I have Type 2 Diabetes. I had been on Victoza for a while and I started getting these very strange, foul smelling burps. Then I would get severe pain in the upper abdomen followed by violent vomiting. Then just as sudden as came, it goes. Fast foward... now on Januvia, metformin, and Lantus. Now ...

Lately my hemoglobin, d diner and iron have been slightly elevated. I feel naseous and at tines?

Posted 10 days ago by brenda bushey 0 answers

... dizzy with extreme fatigue. At times I get a pain on my upper abdomen slightly on my left side. Im starting menapause according to my blood work. I got a CAT scan with dye to rule out a blood clot. Also have lots of body pain including in armpits. Any suggestions, im at my wits end

Why do I only get this feeling during my sleep?

Posted 17 days ago by May_Ra878 0 answers

For the past couple months I've been getting a sharp pulling pain in my stomach more or less on my right lower abdoman. Felt like a baby moment but I Am not pregnant. So what could this be and why do I only feel it during my sleep?

I have had the Nexplanon for 11 months with no period. Now I have been bleeding for the last 3 weeks

Posted 25 Aug 2017 by valleygirl23 0 answers

Is this normal? I'm so scared like it's light then gets really heavy and the worst pains in my abdomen that I have ever felt. There isn't any clotting, just blood.

Can Postior 2 cause lower back pain and weird feeling in abdomen?

Posted 12 Aug 2017 by Unidentified 11 1 answer

I had sex (protected) for the first time and after we finished I realized that the condom broke. This was two weeks before my period based on me period tracker app. I took the morning after pill 4 hours after sex then the other 11 hours after. I later woke up with lower back pain and a weird ...

Keflex for folliculitis/recurrent boils?

Posted 31 Jul 2017 by matthewatdf 0 answers

I have had recurrent boils on my thighs/buttocks and lower abdomen. For years, I've been susceptible the odd boil on my rear due to mild folliculitis. However, over the past several months this has worsened to the point where I'm getting these boils more persistently and around new areas ...

Sharp pains in abdomen and back?

Posted 19 Jul 2017 by AndyG19 1 answer

I'm having really bad pain in my abdominal area and lower back. I thought it was period cramps at first, but it only hurts if I'm standing or walking. It doesn't hurt at all when I am sitting or lying down. Pain medication has done nothing to help it so far. I've also been ...

How effective is oxybutynin?

Posted 18 Jul 2017 by CallumW 1 answer

Throughout my life I've always sweated more than most, mainly from my armpits and forehead. However within the last couple of years it's become much worse with sweating from under my chest and abdomen region and my back. I need to solve this problem for self esteem and confidence. I want ...

I was admitted to the hospital after a hysterectomy 5 weeks post op with a hematoma/abcess left?

Posted 8 Jul 2017 by Cerce 0 answers

... overy and a right ovarian thrombosis. I was started on xeltro 20 mg every morning three days ago. I have noticed today that I keep having spasms in my abdomen into my back and acheyness in my thoughts and hips. I keep telling my dr this as I'm still in the hospital for observation but they ...

Prescribed magnesium citrate for constipation, this is not the normal for me!?

Posted 15 Nov 2016 by Tina57 3 answers

Have a terrible stomach ache with nausea and heartburn, my lower abdomen was in all sorts of pain and the ER thought I my appendix was bad only to find the my digestive tract is full of feces! I was prescribed magnesium citrate and it did work (I think)..But my concern is oes the magnesium citrate ...

While I urinate in morning some blood clots come out with it and some times this happen in day also?

Posted 1 Jun 2017 by Rahulankit00 1 answer

Few month back I was suddenly getting an abdomen pain and one of my ball pains harder and I have to take immediate rest and then it stopped and now another strange thing happens while passing out the urinate i can see the blood clots coming out, mostly when I wake up and goes to the toilet to ...

I have been taking 5 mg.of Eliquis twice a day for 1 week now. Experiencing digestive problems and?

Posted 22 Mar 2017 by Milo75 2 answers

... increased anxiety and depression. Is this a side effect of Eliquis and does it go away after being on it for a while? Digestive problems include feelings of bloating and fullness in abdomen and slight nausea from time to time. Feel very anxious which leads to my increased depression. I am 75 ...

Sharp pain in abdomen and really bad cramps and nausea?

Posted 15 May 2017 by kielacqua 1 answer

Ive been having a very sharp pain in my lower right abdomen in my lower back that is usually followed by very painful and unsusual cramps, unusual because im on a birth control that makes me not get my period. I have also been throwing up and extremely nauseous. Am I just being anxious about ...

Abdomen pain and whitish discharge?

Posted 17 May 2017 by pain_abcd 0 answers

Hi I'm 23 years old girl. I had protected sex on the last day of my periods(6th may) and had an ipill on the same day. Then on 8th may even though we didn't have sex but he humped me (i didn't take ipill on that day). since 11th may I'm experiencing moderate pain on the left ...

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