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Will sulfamethoxazole-tmp ds t give a woman a yeast infection when taking it for a uti?

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Leahmurr 18 April 2012

A good thing to remember when taking any antibiotic is take acidophillus. It will prevent a yeast infection from occuring.

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caringsonbj 22 March 2012

I think certain antibiotics can and do cause yeast, I think this is especially noted for Diabetics and happens in areas where there is heat (parts of the body) like the groin and other areas, I think also I was told that if an antibiotic is given over an extended period of time individuals can develop yeast infections, some antibiotics are more pron I think than others, there are over the counter medications that can be used to treat such and also if this is a problem talking with the prescribing doctor is a good idea. I have to be on recurrent antibiotics due to a blood problem that does not allow my body to ward off infections so yeast is problematic I have had to use both over the counter and then there are prescription antifungal medications to treat these, my Mom was especially susepticable to Urinary tract infections and this was one of the drugs that was commonly used she as I recall did not develop lots of problems with yeast but every body is different.


I wish you only the very best, if this is a problem mentioning it to your doctor or even your pharmacist they may be able to help you by giving you also some other advice as well Caringsonbj (Billy)

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Marvell 22 March 2012

Sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim may cause a vaginal yeast infection when taken for a urinary tract infection.

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