I stood outside with her for a few minutes & it was dark of course. Well the next morning I was getting dressed & noticed a small "slug" on my lower calf! I know, YUK! When I went to take it off it was attached like a leach! We have lots of slugs & will be treating the yard soon for insect control (at least now we will!) I have had leaches as a kid wading in small brooks & such, but never heard of a slug attaching itself. I went to the rheumatologist yesterday, but he kept me so darn busy answering my life history from age of 7, I totally forgot to ask him about it. This has been about 5 days ago, & I still have a small red spot with a hard little lump about the size of a misquito bite. Does anyone know if they carry any typd of disease especially? I don't know a thing about them other than they are slimy! Eewwweeee! Freaked me out when I found it atached & had been there all night apparently. thanks... Mary