Hello, about 3 weeks ago my doctor inserted the Mirena IUD.
One day after I started experiencing high blood pressure, anxiety and panic attacks . 6 days after getting it inserted I removed it. Two day after removal my hair started falling out! Not just a little 3 or 4 strands but whole handfuls. I have no circular patches so I doubt it's alopecia. Its been almost 2 and half weeks and I've lost over 50 % of my hair. My bathroom is filled with hair my bed my laundry . It comes out the most in the shower so I've refrained from washing my hair as often. I've used the same shampoo I had before so I know that's not the culprit, how ever I still changed shampoos . I bought Biotin 10 000 mcg and have been taking it for almost a week now. My hair is still falling out. Any suggestions. I already have depression and anxiety. This was the last thing I needed as I hide behind my long hair as one of my best qualities and now I have to cut it short to hide the gaps.
Thank you !