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Sildenafil - can I take two sidenafil citrate if one dont work ? Im taking 20 mg?


Tcwcurtiss 13 June 2020


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Inactive 1 Nov 2016

Yes, I have found out that if I take just one 20 mg. Sildenafil Citrate and I don't get good results, I can take up to two additional pills. I take the extra pills within 30 mins. of the the first dose. After about another 30 mins., I'll have a rock hard erection. I also gain a larger overall width to my penis and a larger "mushroom" head. My wife is thrilled... so am I.

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Ajcarl3 17 June 2017

Always ask your doctor before increasing dosage. My prescription bottle says one or two if needed. Don't listen to what anyone else says ask your doctor. free discount card

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