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What is the shelf life of Gabapentin? I have some left over from January 2014. Can I still use?

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norristerri56 14 Apr 2016

It lasts between 2 to 5years

Inactive 14 Apr 2016

Check the lists below the answers to your question. You'll find information there.
Good luck.

chuck1957 15 Apr 2016

Gerard; Gabapentin has a good shelf life on it the expire date on the prescription bottle in many cases are not the correct date it's a pharmacy override that puts 6 months to a year from the time it is filled. We can shorten the date but of course not extend the date and almost all of the Gabapentin has at least a 5-year shelf life and nothing in this as it breaks down that is harmful it does not get toxic I am very confident that it is just fine. WHAT MANY OF MY CUSTOMERS used to do if this was not something they were going to use up right away is ask me to type the correct date on the bottle or write it on with a pen .

chuck1957 15 Apr 2016

PS Also a good place to store medication is in a dresser drawer where it is dark and you can put your close over them so people don't find them. Just some food for thought. Chuck1957 free discount card

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