... for 8 years then weaned off and the anxiety came back. So i restarted 25mg for 1 week, then 50mg for 6 weeks and was in a 6 week long panic attached and lost 20lbs. My doctor said this drug seems to be taking me in the wrong direction and told me to reduce to 25mg for the 7th and now the 8th week then stop. Today is the 1st day of the stop and i feel less anxiety like the pill is causing the anxiety. My questions are: does the doctors advice seem accurate to reduce 2 week to 25mg then stop? is it too soon to know after only a one day stop if this pill is actually causing the anxiety? is this too fast of a stop? after all of this 8 weeks time shouldn't of the Zoloft started to reduce the anxiety? maybe this pill doesn't work for me anymore? is this too soon to tell if the one day pill stop to know of the anxiety was caused by the pill? Any advice would be greatly appreciated