Hello All,
I am an individual who just happens to suffer from social anxiety. I easily go red in the face and at times sweat beads form on my forehead, brows, lip and chin. It’s so frustrating, embarrassing and I feel helpless. I have started Zoloft 50mg 6 weeks ago, and haven’t found a huge improvement so I visited my GP who agreed to increase to 100mg. Has anyone used Zoloft to help with anxieties side effects of blushing and facial sweating? Or on the other hand, any recommendations on other possible medications that may elevate these symptoms. Of course I have tried CBT over the past ten years, including workshops and specialist in treating anxiety, and I do my best to apply the tools I’ve learnt over the years. Love to hear from anyone. I hope eventually, I can conduct a work meeting, attend social situations and become more confident when talking about myself not worrying about my kryptonite (anxiety) heating up inside. Regards all, from another human who happens to have anxiety too. From MJ