I've been on 50mg daily of Sertraline and have been now for about 5 or 6 days. A couple of years ago I took Fluoxetine for a few months with no issues.

However Sertralien is making me feel dizzy, breathless, more anxious and generally very crappy. I sort of expected this as I don't like taking medication and know things can be rough to begin with.

I've been very concerned about Serotonin Syndrome as I'm on new medication that can cause this. Still managing to take the pills even though I don't want to, my main concern though is what else causes Serotonin release that could make this worse. i,e.

Alcohol - does this have any danger of increasing Serotonin to the point where Serotonin Syndrome could be a risk? I ask because I'm meant to be going to the rugby with my Dad and we usually have more than a few beers when we go.

Sugar - as this releases Serotonin should it be avoided whilst on SSRIs in general?

Thank you for any help I really appreciate it!