Hi all, a little background, I was on Zoloft 50mg for anxiety for about 10 years, but about four months ago I tapered off and have been officially off of it since November (2 months ago today). About two weeks ago I had a health scare (everything is fine now) and I started getting anxiety attacks up until the point to where I couldn’t relax at all. So my dr and I decided to get back on Zoloft. I just started, this is day 3 on 25mg and my anxiety is at an all time high. So high that I went to the emergency room because I thought something was not right. I’m not sure if the side effects of the Zoloft may be causing the heightened anxiety and would like to know if anyone has experienced an increase in anxiety when first starting Zoloft.

I also feel very spaced out and sort of like everything is a dream, anyone else experience this? I remember experiencing it when I first got on it ten years ago but don’t remember how long it lasted.

Any info and maybe tips to ease this would be helpful!