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I'm on (Amiodarone 200mg) but taking 400 mg twice a day for my heart?

Posted 4 Jan 2015 2 answers

Why after taking 800mg a day then two weeks later drop it down to just 200mg. Just a concern?

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What are alternate options for Amiodarone?

Posted 16 Jun 2016 1 answer

Have CHF and dr prescribed Amiodarone but I have side effects and looking for alternate drug to replace Amiodarone

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Ventricular Fibrillation - are there alternative drugs other than amiodarone?

Posted 7 Oct 2009 1 answer

I was on amiodarone and the doctors took me off because I had been on it for a number of years. As soon as they took me off ... within a week ...

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Taking Metoprolol and Amiodarone at the same time?

Posted 15 May 2014 1 answer

My Husband was in the Hospital for Ventricular Tachycardia (he has a pacemaker) and they put him on the Amiodarone drip for a few days, ...

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Amiodarone - Amiodorone and essential tremors, is there an alternate drug?

Posted 16 Sep 2012 1 answer

My husband had a heart attack in 2008 and now lives in a wheelchair. His hands are shaky and has trouble eating and his legs are shaky and ...

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Amiodarone, how long are you meant to be on this drug, anyone been on it for more than 3 years?

Posted 21 May 2011 4 answers

Atrial Fibrillation - has anyone been on amiodarone for longer than 3 yrs? Are you having any sideeffects? I have been sinus rythym for ...

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I have just been put on amiodarone and It keeps my heart beat at 40 beats per sec no matter what?

Posted 30 Aug 2013 4 answers

I do .Is this normal ? I feel short of breath and tired all the time. I have recently had a cardioversion which regulated my heart beat

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What is a good gout medicine that won't interact with Amiodarone? Apixaban, Metoprolol?

Posted 22 Sep 2014 1 answer

My husband is taking the medicines on my saved list. He is currently experiencing a gout attack in his left foot. Since he cannot take Indomethicin ...

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Just been diagnosed finally that I do have a heart arythmia, and need surgery?

Posted 11 Feb 2013 6 answers

Just put on a new medication called Sotalol, 120mg twice a day. It is lowering my heart rate from a medium of 136 to 110. But the headaches ...

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80 yrs. old, IHD with CRF was on Amioderone for venticular tac, beta blocker having bradycardia?

Posted 20 Jun 2010 1 answer

He is getting ramipril, lasix, nitroglycerine, suffering from vertigo. CABG, PTCA done. Pt. of CVD and BHP with impaired renal function

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Has anyone taken Amiodarone for AF before going on flecainide. I'm on Amioarone n looking to switch?

Posted 6 Jan 2012 1 answer

Started having AF in 2006. Had ablation and it would come back months at a time. I had 6 cardioversions since n would get relief then it would come ...

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