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Substance Abuse - Follow up question about opioid vs. opiate?

Posted 28 Mar 2010 1 answer

So if Fentynl (sp?) is totally synthetic, it's a true opioid? Which its' main function is to kill pain, lift mood, and motivate. If... read more

What is going on with the drug abuse problems?

Posted 4 Nov 2018 2 answers

Seems like doctors are so reluctant to prescribe a controlled substance anymore. This causes a big problem for people who truly need these... read more

Substance Abuse - What is the difference between Opiate and Opioid?

Posted 28 Mar 2010 1 answer

I've heard they are the same thing. Is this true? If not, what is the difference?

What meds are safe to take with methadone, and work for pain relief?

Posted 14 Jan 2010 3 answers

I have been taking methadone for about 5 years due to substance abuse. It has worked miracles for me and I have had no... read more

Anyone have information on abuse of Childrens Benedryl?

Posted 17 May 2012 7 answers

For fear of reveiling too much, I can not go into much detail, but I am about to go crazy with worry about a 2 yr old being "dosed' to... read more

What physical effects are there when a 5 year old is raped?

Posted 30 May 2016 2 answers

I want to know exactly how many different physical effects it can have on a 5 year old who has been raped and is there any chance it can leave no... read more

Is tramadol a controlled substance?

Posted 3 Nov 2012 10 answers

Found a white roundpill with an arrow indented on one side and a two on the other? What is it?

Posted 21 Sep 2012 4 answers

It was laying on the floor at my friends house. I'm a little worried?

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