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Is percocet a form of morphine? my daughter is in relapse prevention(2nd time) for morphine?

Posted 9 Jun 2011 1 answer

... addiction and was in a car accident the dr gave her percocet

I do have another question.With m.s.contin which I realize is morphine sulfate and percocet or?

Posted 1 Jul 2009 9 answers

... lorcet plus 10/325 considered to both be made from morphine?After having been perscribed the m.s.contin on a maintenance plan as well as... read more

Can Percocet and Morphine come up the same in a lab test?

Posted 13 Feb 2012 1 answer

I sprained my wrist ice fishing Saturday, and got a script for 8 Percocet 5-325, I have high tolerance so the didn't last long. I had a... read more

How strong is a 100 milligram Morphine Tablet?

Posted 27 Dec 2009 3 answers

How often do you take a 100 mg. tablet per day? Is Morphine stronger than percocet?

Why would I test positive for dilaudid when I actually take morphine er and percocet?

Posted 3 Aug 2010 2 answers

I can't go back to clinic now until I see an 'addictionologist' to prove I am not an addict<|??? Crazy as I have never taken... read more

7.5mg of percocet versus 15mg. of morphine 15mg?

Posted 26 Apr 2011 2 answers

Percocet, morphine, dilaudid, hydrocodone, pain clinic, urine screen ?s?

Posted 14 Sep 2011 5 answers

I get prescribed percocet and morphine at a pain clinic. Will dilaudid or hydrocodone show up the same as my prescriptions and how long... read more

What stronger pain med can I take with percocet?

Posted 3 Jun 2011 9 answers

I've had chronic back pain for 5 yrs now. I took morphine 15mg 3x day for 3 yrs. I had sweats, nightmares were horrible. I take... read more

I am allergic to codeine and morphine drugs. What can I take for pain?

Posted 8 May 2012 11 answers

I tore my shoulder over a year ago and am still looking at 6 months at least for surgery. I have been living in constant pain as I am allergic to all... read more

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