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I've had Mirena for abut 4 years. I have always spotted for a couple days, each month. I have now...

Posted 2 Jun 2017 1 answer

... missed my period for 3 months, I've been breaking out badly across my jaw, I have had a couple random sharp pains and cramping. I feel... read more

Has anyone got pregnant with Mirena? If so. What happened?

Posted 4 Feb 2019 2 answers

I took pregnancy tests because I missed my period but I have Mirena and have had it for 4 years... so I assumed it was in place. I went... read more

I took 2 home pregnancy tests, one said positive and 1 said negative. I have mirena, help?

Posted 9 Jul 2012 2 answers

I have had the Mirena for 2 years now, last week I started getting nauseous at the same time everyday, I had some very light bleeding for a... read more

How long after Mirena IUD before a successful pregnancy?

Posted 2 Feb 2014 3 answers

Hello all, I had my son at 23 years old in Nov 09 & by the end of Dec my OB put in my 1st IUD (5yr). In June 2010 I had my new doctor remove the... read more

Mirena pregnancy scare?

Posted 17 Mar 2016 1 answer

I have a Mirena pregnancy scare. I've been using it for 3 years and I've never got my period except this month that I had a... read more

Pregnancy symptoms 17 days after mirena removal could I be pregnant or side affects?

Posted 20 Apr 2015 1 answer

I had my mirena removed April 2 after 3 1/2 year's and no cycle now 17 days after removal i have recently started having pregnancy... read more

Even though very rare, I DID get pregnant with Mirena, after having it in for 3 YEARS, which i?

Posted 7 Feb 2014 8 answers

... thought was the best form of birth control {since I never had any issues with it- until then}. Did not find out I was even pregnant until I was... read more

I have had the Mirena for almost 5 years and the cramping for me is starting. I want to get a new?

Posted 22 Apr 2015 1 answer

... one put in and replace it but will my body become more likely to become pregnant? I have noticed the cramping and does that mean that the Birth... read more

I had my mirena in for the whole five years no problems it was great ... towards the end I started?

Posted 3 May 2013 1 answer

... having my periods back I had the mirena removed april third I had some very light bleeding after for about a week ... now I am... read more

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