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What antidepressants can be taken with lithium?

Posted 15 Oct 2017 3 answers

Can Lithium be taken with antidepressants?

Posted 24 Jan 2011 1 answer

I have taken essentially every drug that can be prescribed by a Dr., however last year was the first time Bi Polar was every mentioned. Enter this... read more

Lithium - I drink a gallon of water a day, will this intake dilute the effect of lithium?

Posted 20 Nov 2012 2 answers

I am going to ask my two psychiatrists that I work with about this, but I'm curious to see what you think. I walk briskly 4 miles in an hour... read more

Lithium - have nausea & stomach problems after taking dose, lithium levels good, what could it be?

Posted 14 Jul 2012 2 answers

I have been on lithium for 2yrs never had issues and been on same dose.It seems lately I've had bad stomach problems and nausea for about... read more

Lithium Tremor - does the presence of a tremor when on a proper level of Lithium indicate?

Posted 30 Aug 2009 3 answers

... permanent cerebellar damage

I need help. Has anyone ever had to get off 2 or more antidepressants?

Posted 1 day 14 hours ago 1 answer

I should have thought of this earlier . I'm seeing my psychiatrist today, later. But I am on Wellbutrin, Vistaril, Elavil and Seroquel. My... read more

I am curious about young kids and taking lithium, my son is 11 and is on serequal. would lithium wo?

Posted 12 Jan 2010 3 answers

my son is 11 and has had issues with sleep and aggression for years he has been diagnosed with a mood disorder and adhd, also post traumatic stress... read more

Is it normal for antidepressants to stop working for a few days?

Posted 8 Dec 2018 1 answer

I've been on trintellix 10mg for 8 weeks, working my way up and it seemed like it was maybe working a little bit, well it was more than i... read more

Have you developed Parkinson's disease after long-term treatment with Lithium (lithium carbonate)?

Posted 14 Jun 2011 4 answers

There appears to be an association between the long-term (2 years +) use of Lithium and Parkinsonism (some symptoms of PD but not PD). I took... read more

Lithium - will lithium give me any energy?

Posted 12 Apr 2017 2 answers

I am so tired all the time. Will this help?

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