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Does anyone else suffer from extreme nightsweats while taking Effexor?

Posted 26 Jun 2014 39 answers

I am currently on 150mg of Effexor. Overall I am very happy with my progress but the only problem I have is that I have terrible nightsweats.... read more

Would it help to split my dose of Effexor to morning and evening?

Posted 10 Nov 2016 2 answers

I have been started on Effexor 75mg been on it about 3weeks now..this week braught hair drenching sweats at random times... and I find myself... read more

Upped effexor noticing some bad side effects . in my head/derealization HELP?

Posted 29 Jul 2017 4 answers

Hi I'm 25, I was put on effexor xr 75mg 8yrs ago. It worked really good .. like 2 months ago I started noticing I was getting irritable... read more

Effexor and profuse sweating?

Posted 17 Sep 2017 3 answers

I've noticed since being prescribed Effexor XR 225mg that I sweat an inhuman amount. I am overweight but not obese and I'm... read more

How long does it take for effexor xr to kick in?

Posted 2 Feb 2014 5 answers

I,ve been on 75mg now for 7 weeks and don't feel any better.My mind & body still feel on edge everyday. I wake up in a morning feeling on... read more

I am weaning off of 450mg of Effexor XR that I have been on for 10 years?

Posted 17 Sep 2017 2 answers

That is taking 3-150mg each am. I took 2-150mg for 22 days and that was the hardest period. Sweats at nite, headache, crying spells and so sad, then... read more

Effexor XR - Effexor & Sweating!?

Posted 17 Oct 2013 2 answers

Ive read that excessive sweating is a side effect to Effexor, but seriously? Ugh. Its gross. I sweat purfusely with the slightest excerstion.... read more

I've been taking Effexor XR for over 10 years 150 mg once a day and I've been sweating so much.

Posted 2 Aug 2018 2 answers

It is horrible. Any ideas for help?

Hey there, I've been on effexor for 3 weeks now and bumped up to 150mg 4 days ago. I've been?

Posted 18 Feb 2011 6 answers

... sweating and flushing like mad. Have constant head aches, having difficulty concentrating and making decisions. And I've had a marked... read more

To my peers. I have been on 37.5 effexor xr for 6 months with wonderful results. Then I started to?

Posted 27 Jun 2013 6 answers

Experience an increase in anxiety and decided to finally increase the dosage to 75. Is it normal when you increase dosage to have some side effects... read more

I AM having serious sweats on Fetzima (as I did on Cymbalta and Effexor). It works great for my?

Posted 30 Dec 2014 1 answer

... depression, however! Does anybody know if there is something to do for the sweats - other than hormone replacement? I've already gone... read more

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