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Selegiline - My doctor is suggesting putting me on Selegeline Transdermal but says I need a?

Posted 22 Aug 2011 5 answers

... medication "Wash" prior to putting me on it. I'm taking Prozac, Concerta, Buspar, Trazadone, Ability, ...

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Medication - I am going off pristiq 100mg and adding Prozac, how hard is it going to be to wean off?

Posted 1 Feb 2015 1 answer

... pristiq and onto Prozac? I am also on abilify and buspar. I am worried about the side effects

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Depression - My son is 24 and currently is taking Welbutrin, Prozac, Abilify, and Trazodone. That?

Posted 19 Sep 2013 6 answers

... seems like a lot of medication. Is that a good combination?

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Medication - My doctor just increased the dose of prozac from 20 to 40mg and I was wondering are the

Posted 5 Mar 2015 2 answers

... side effects going to be just as bad as when I began? When I started I had a week of crying spells, mood swings, and depression, and panic ...

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Does anyone else taking buspar an Prozac get hot and sweaty doing the littlest things?! Wondering l?

Posted 18 Nov 2014 1 answer

Sexual side effect that wasn't there a week ago

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Does EVERYONE get hair fall on Topamax?

Posted 5 Nov 2017 3 answers

Hi, I have been prescribed 40 mg Prozac and 300 mg Zyban, I went through a tough time last three months and I gained 20 pounds, I told my ...

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If I take wellbutrin prozac and trazodone I have problem?

Posted 9 Nov 2011 3 answers

i want to know if combination of this medication is sure and efective to depression

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I want to know if the combination to wellbutrin prozac trazodone is sure and efective?

Posted 10 Nov 2011 1 answer

as sure the combination of this medication and efective

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Topamax - Scared to use this medication because of all the side effects?

Posted 14 Apr 2015 2 answers

Hello, I have been given a prescription by my doctor for Topamax (topiramate 25mg) to lose weight. After reading all the side effects ...

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Will topamax work with prozac?

Posted 7 Mar 2011 1 answer

My 12 year old daughter was diagnosed last year with bipolar 1. She was put on trileptal and became extremely agitated.(threatened to cut off a girls ...

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I'm on Trazodone 100mg and Buspar 20mg Is this a bad combination?

Posted 27 Sep 2012 3 answers

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