My problem started about a year ago, I noticed bugs trying to get into my eyes at night, at first I thought it was fleas because my daughter and son in law we're staying with me and had a small house dog, but she carried him to a vet and he had no fleas. I went to my dr and he looked me over and said I did not have any bugs, but my problem just keep getting worse my daughter suggested that I my have lice I went to the store and bought all kinds of head lice products wich did not help so I went back to my doctor and I ask him to prescribe me lice products I got lindane shampoo with refills my problem got worse in all I have been to my dr,the VA urgent. Care and emergency room for a total of 15 times everyone says I don't have bugs but I still can't sleep a night because the bugs are so active at night. I went to 4 eye doctors and one of them told me I might have Demodex Bervis or Demodex folicicourm