My husband has had a red ring around his lips for over a year, while trying a number of meds & eliminating spicy foods, citrus, yeast, changed toothpaste, shaving cream, soap, etc. He has seen a doctor, taken oral & cream antibiotics, anti-fungal cream, Vaseline, lip protectors with high sunscreen. He works outdoors on high electrical lines and sometimes would get cracks & bleeding in the corners of his mouth. He is currently using Nystatin Cream, stopped shaving around his lips, and is very, very careful with his diet, using baking soda to brush his teeth & ivory soap to wash his face, and uses chap stick with high sunscreen when working - also uses Vaseline to keep moisture in his lips. The redness has calmed down considerably, but is still there - especially after eating. I have read so many things and am very concerned about the possibilities indicated. Please help! Thank you so much!!!