I was just prescribed Resperidone initial 0.25 dosage but I have also just made the best decision in my life to to the Insanity program to get from 160 (overweight for my age/height) to the healthy weight of 130-135. I am terrified that this medication will throw that down the drain. If anyone is on this medication, especially a higher dosage, did you gain any weight? how much? And has anyone counteracted this effect? and how? I will be devastated if all my hard work is gone just because of a medication if they decide to increase my dosage. Right now, my doctor said that I should not have any side effects with my initial dose of 0.25 mg but I am to scared to weigh myself because I know if I have gained weight then I am afraid that I will fall back into my anorexic ways that I really do not want to happen at all. Has anyone overcome this side effect of Resperidone?