My friend and I are developing a device for a company. The device we’re trying to re-create is basically a newly designed prescription pill bottle/device. In order to develop this device, we need to know the exact size, diameter and dimensions of most prescription pills(mostly narcotics and controlled substance drugs)…..for example: the exact size of Xanax 1mg is: 6 X 3(mm) and Hydrocodone 500mg is: 15 X 7 X 7(mm). There are many different manufacturers of Xanax, Hydrocodone, etc, especially in the generic market, and the exact pill size varies considerably depending on the dosage and manufacturer. We haven’t been able to find a website, or any source, that supplies all the information we need for the exact dimensions of prescription pills. We’ve spent hours looking and have come up mostly empty. Does anyone know where to obtain the information we’re looking for…..or at least point us in the right direction. By the way, we’ve tried pill identifier and its useless. Thanks for the help.