Had sex jun 27 two days after my ovulation took place, he pulled out and everything went okey but i was skeptical so i took Plan B 30-40 mins later and now i have not experienced any bad side effects from the Plan B ( i have been stressing all week looking for info in the internet) but 3 days before my period starts (including today) i have been experiencing cramps( about the same type of pain cramp wise i experience before my period) ,pimples, and clear watery discharge( this started recently like about 2 days ago?) . Period is due this monday 9 according to my app which is usually always on time. But im still scared are all this pregnancy symptoms? Or am i just over thinking also i know that plan b holds back your period sometimes. But i haven’t experienced any light bleeding, morning sickness, and or boob pain. So i dont know if im good and this is all just plan b side effects that im just looking too much into