I had sex on the 17th of August. I have never missed a BC pill; which is mononessa(Ive been taking it since July). And we also used a condom. Ever since then my stomach has been acting weird. Within 2-3 days I felt hungry and after barely eating I was full. Sometimes it would give me a little stomach ache. Very seldomly I would feel a tinge of nauseousness, but It was just a slight "ick" feeling. My mouth did not water nor did I get heat flashes. This Monday I found out I had low iron and that both my mother and my grandmother are anemic. So my Mom, who doesn't know I'm on BC, got me generic iron supplements. I over think everything so Im started to panic and think maybe Im pregnant, considering everyone on google related to "birth control and iron supplements" is pregnant. Should I worry or am I just being dumb. Whenever I start to psych myself out about "being pregnant" i literally start to feel sick and anxious. :(