This is gonna sound weird but I had sex for the first time on the 15th of April and I was drunk and I asked him could he pull out and being a slightly drunk horny teen he of course said yes we were at a little get together so he pulled out to come a few times but nothing so he put it back in anyways cut to the part where all his friends burst into the room and we both get surprised and fall away from eachother because of this surprise he doesn't know if he came in me or not I went to the toilet after and there was a little blood the first time I wiped I was hoping that was because it was my first time? The next day I got the morning afte pill and took it about 15 hours after the incident my last period was on the 19th of March and lasted roughly 5 days its now the 5th of may and nothing? I've had no spotting vaginal bleeding of any sort I've had lower abdominal pains and pelvic pains also some wind and just lately in the past day my nipples are a little tender I read the morning after pill leaflet of side effects and these are all on it as possible side effects but still no blood I'm only 15 and I can't have a baby please tell me what it sounds like to you