At the end of last year my brother and father got Covid. My father passed away and my brother had residual side effects double vision in one eye that waivers from up and down to side to side and triple vision in the other eye that all of a sudden has went blurry and he can only see shapes in that one now, and constantly feels like the world is moving even when he is lying down in bed. So was prescribe meclizine to help. He has asthma is also considered high-risk.

My brother was prescribed prednisone 50mg tablets and told to take 20 tablets by mouth daily for three days. It’s for suspected inflammation of the optic nerve in the eye that’s went from triple vision all of a sudden to blurred shapes. He was given prednisone intravenously at the hospital already and now he’s supposed to take these tablets at home. He hasn’t taken it yet but I’m concerned on how many of them they put 20 x 50mg=1000mg at once?