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I take predisone and have severe bruising. What can I do?

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1 Feb 2013

This is a side effect of prednisone. Unfortunately there is not much you can do. You can discuss it with your Dr. Perhaps you could tolerate a lower dose or be able to taper off.

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boombeen 2 Feb 2013

I have unsightly bruising on my wrists. They just pop up & take a very long time to fade. Unfortunately the only thing that helps is MAKEUP. I use Dermablend to cover them up.

1 Feb 2013

See your doctor and have blood work done. Lupus affects every organ system. Bruising is a symptom that can have multiple causes.

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3 Feb 2013

Hello nm1. The joke goes, so stop doing that! Sorry but prednisone does cause bruising under the skin both spontaneously and when bumped. High dose prednisone side effects are numerous. I have learned to live with it considering the alternative of no prednisone is far worse for me.

I do have blood work done every four weeks, sometimes every two weeks to be sure all my systems are working properly. Be very careful not to take any blood thinners including the NSAID group. This causes more bleeding and therefore more bruising and can put you at risk.

The reddish purple bruising under the skin looks worse than what it is as it is very superficial. My calves are quite covered with this. My doctor has a name for it, I don't recall. She is not concerned, it just doesn't look good. Karen

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