Okay so I got my first yeast infection and met with a GYN yesterday who prescribed the pill Diflucan, a one time pill. I took it and within hours I felt less irritated down there. My vagina is still sore and a little swollen, though. My boyfriend was coming into town this weekend and I wasn't sure whether or not I could have sex while currently treating a yeast infection, so I looked it up and found that there was a 15% chance of a man catching a penile yeast infection during intercourse. The only real warning I saw was that it might be painful or more uncomfortable to have sex while with a yeast infection. My boyfriend didn't seem bothered by the percent chance and yesterday night we ended up having unprotected sex (I know, this was stupid). The internet was right, the sex was painful, but what I'm worried about now is whether or not I could have re-infected myself with my own yeast infection. I performed oral sex a while after penetration and I know there is a chance yeast infections can be transmitted orally but I wanted to know if it's possible to have "cancelled out" all the good that the Diflucan was doing by engaging in oral activities on a penis that had recently penetrated a yeast infected vagina.