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Can I get the pneumonia vaccine if I currently have mild symptoms???


Inactive 5 Jan 2013

Please speak with your doctor, but NO is not reccomended that you have a live vaccine while you have any syptoms of flu or pneumonia...

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endlessPred 6 Jan 2013

Mary is correct. Even a cold is not allowed when receiving the pneumonia vaccine. Get the vaccine after you have recovered. It is an excellent protection for complications developing by not getting common pneumonia.

Inactive 5 Jan 2013

Hello eraichlejr. Do you mean a flu shot? Regards pledge

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Lisa01 5 Jan 2013

No, there's actually a pneumonia vaccine. And no, I wouldn't recommend getting any type of vaccine when you're showing symptoms of the illness.

Inactive 5 Jan 2013

I believe that once a person has the flu, the vaccine is ineffective. My excuses, I should have mentioned this in my answer.

endlessPred 6 Jan 2013

Pledge, this is about pneumonia and when it is safe to get that vaccine. Flu shots are effective even after a strain of flu because there are many flus. Each batch is done yearly, often targeting multiple flus. Thought you should know. Karen free discount card

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