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Can A plan b mess up your menstrual cycle for more than two months ?


Marvell 18 May 2013

Yes, Plan B can upset your cycle for 2 months. I suppose you have had a pregnancy test done. I would also recommend that you see your doctor, if you haven't done so already.

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kristya 19 May 2013

For only two months or more than two months, and well no I haven't because I did get my period this month.The only thing that frighten me Was that is was really light and I'm a heavy flow, and it only lasted 4 days. Unlike, the month before which was a normal menstrual .

Marvell 19 May 2013

It could take 3 months but should become regular after that ... if not please see your doctor.

kristya 21 May 2013

okay, thank you very much.

Cidhui 30 Jan 2014

I took plan three months ago . I'm sensitive to pretty much anything and before I get my periods my symptoms are bad . Nauseas dizzy . Sensitive to caffeine dehydration etc . Will never take it again . Also I get my periods 2 weeks late now because of plan b

Chapiss 25 Sep 2017

Hey, I took plan b last month and my cycle came a day late but this month it been 2 days late. Is that normal? free discount card

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