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If u take a plan b pill 30 mins after u had sex will the pill still work right yes he nutted in me?


DzooBaby 14 May 2013

Yes, the sooner you take it, the better. It wont stop a pregnancy already in progress so if an egg is fertilized and implanting, it wont stop that. That is why it is important to take Plan b as soon as you can. Plan b is a large dose of hormones designed to prevent ovulation. Remember that you return to fertility soon after taking it so dont expect it to "cover you" for a few days. It doesnt work that way. The word you want is "ejaculate". Ejaculate or ejaculation is the release of seminal fluid (and sperm) during male orgasm.

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kaismama 14 May 2013

Theres that charming word again. I do wish when you kids are speaking to older people you'd use appropriate language. Plan b works best the sooner you take it.

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