The first time I ever had sex was this past March, during the last weekend of the month. The last day after I had sex with my boyfriend, I got my period. That was expected though, because I was due for it anyway. I started the pill during this time and and a week after that period ended, the breakthrough bleeding started.

I had sex again with my boyfriend three days after the breakthrough bleeding stopped and the very next day I got my period again! That only lasted for 4 days. Two weeks later, the next time I got to see my boyfriend, after the third day we had sex, my period started once again. This was in May, and then I didn't have my period again for the whole month of June.

My boyfriend and I had sex again this past week, on July first when my period started again but I suspect that was already going to happen because I started seeing blood on the toilet paper hours before I saw him.

I know it's my period each time and not cervical bleeding because I get those little fleshy blood clots that only come during my period.

Does anyone have a clue as to why this is happening? Maybe it's because I'm on the pill?