Kava Kava helped my 19 year old son with OCD ruminations a year or so ago PRIOR to his taking any antidepressant. They disappeared almost over night. I then moved him to passion flower as it doesn't have the side effects Kava has. His ruminations never returned UNTIL he started Lexapro for major depression 2 months ago.. He was then switched to Zoloft because of the ruminations. However, Zoloft made them WORSE, at least while moving him to the target dose of 100 mg. Now they appear sporadically. His med-happy doctor wants to add RISPERDAL for the ruminations CAUSED BY THE ZOLOFT and says if he doesn't he could be facing insanity. I have read the side effects for Risperdal and don't want to add another med to take care of the symptoms of Zoloft... especially RISPERDAL. Can I safely add passion flower while he is taking Zoloft?