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Ozempic - What day of the week you take this medication and what time of the day?

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Setiah3 23 June 2022

I take my Ozempic on Tuesday mornings. I have multiple alarms set as a reminder so I don’t forget.

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MeggieGirl 4 April 2022

I take my injection as I start a fresh week, every Monday morning before work. I also weigh myself at that time, when I am in my nightgown. It helps to do it the exact same time every week, so you'll get into a routine.

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LorriGA 18 Nov 2020

I take mine Tuesday in the afternoon.

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masso 28 June 2020

"Ozempic is usually given once per week at any time of the day, with or without a meal. If you want to change your weekly injection day, wait at least 2 days after your most recent injection before giving another one."

Do consult with your Dr. if you have further questions.

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masso 28 June 2020

Ozempic is manufactured by Novo Nordisk, if you have more questions contact them at:

(609) 987 5800 free discount card

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