For about a week now I have been experiencing severe uncontrollable itching in my hands and feet. It is always hands AND feet at the same time. A week ago I was using some powerful cleaners,(i.e. toilet bowl cleaner, bleach and CLR) to clean severe black mold off the outside of the hull of a boat. I was in the water, in a brackish canal in central FL. I have tried all kinds of remedies, psoriasis cream,lotion, soaking hands and feet in hot water with Tide and Epsom salts. NOTHING seems to cure this and it is about to drive me insane. It seems to get worse after I eat or drink anything for some odd reason and always before bed. I have been extremely fatigued lately but have recently gotten sober (90days)from a 35 year "marriage" to drugs and alcohol and have gained about 20+ pounds also. I am anemic and take iron. I just turned 47 years old.