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Can I use orajel to stop the pain in my mouth from a tooth with a hole in it?

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BabyBrownEyes1019 13 Nov 2016

My tooth is broken and the filling came out a while ago after a partial root canal had the roots excavated. It hurts every once in a while but I don't have the money to get it removed. I brush my teeth and keep the tooth clean. My dentist told me that because the gum line is healing and healthy, then I can just use a topical antiseptic until the tooth loosens and falls out.

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gettingfree 10 Dec 2015

I recently had a filling fall out. Before I went to the dentist to have the tooth pulled I used oragel and it did help some. I would really suggest getting into a dentist as soon as you can bcuz you don't want the tooth to abscess. That can be very painful fRom what I've been told. I also ended up on an antibiotic bcuz the dentist can't pull the tooth or even fill it (i believe) if there is an infection. The antibiotic worked the best for pain. Good luck and I hope this was helpful!

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Lisa01 10 Dec 2015

Yes, you can. You can also get some dental wax at the drugstore to help plug the hole temporarily and soften jagged edges. Swish with some warm salt water to help flush any food particles from the hole and plug with the wax. It helps food, cold or hot liquids and even air from contact with the nerves inside your tooth.

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PepperM 9 Dec 2015

Yes absolutely. I use something called hurricane and it's a lot stronger than orajel. I also have a hole in my tooth and it's broken. My cheek and tongue rub up against it leaving both very sore. I put the gel on my cheeks or tongue before eating so it doesn't hurt. It also works good for ulcers. I've even put it on a paper cut before. Orajel is great for a lot of different things. I haven't had a doctor yet tell me not to use it on little things like that. Anyway try to get to a dentist soon to prevent infection or worse. God knows you don't want to experience the pain from an exposed nerve. There's no pain worse than a tooth ache.

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