Hi I'm 28 years old. A couple of months ago I started waking up to a sore throat. Then should gradually go away as I swallowed a couple times. So my girlfriend said maybe you have acid reflux. So I got the overcounter pilosec tablets at Wal-Mart. Sure enough it actually worked no more throat pain. But then a few more days with it I started experience stomach cramps severe ones at that. So I stopped using them. I went to go see a Gi for my stomach cramps. She prescribe me omprezole and she schedule me a endoscopy and colonoscopy next month, I was like sure I'm willing to try anything at this point. A 4 days in with the drug my throat started to hurt on one side my upper left to be exact.I currently stopped the drug from the pain.Its almost been a month now hurting 24/7 with pain from my throat. I have Been in constant pain. Next week is my finally my appointment. I'm scared it's cancer really scared but happy this procedure is finally happening so I can get to the bottom of this once and for all. Anbody have any ideas what's this sound like ???