I won't tell you how I was done after being under what I thought was a real pain doctors care for 8 years. I was done flat out wrong.
That being said I will tell you I am an almost 50 year old disabled vet that can get no help from the VA. That being said in MN because of the state we are he is forcing me to choose between a teen daughter that hates me ( we only do things on her terms when she feels good). Because of my pain issues I have no quality of life. A short list involves 12 and maybe soon to be 13 surgeries on my stomach, 6-8 diagnosable issues with my C spine, Neuropathy that is advanced to the point I should be 30 yrs older and then problems from past surgeries.
This next surgery is an all or nothing type. If they mess up I die ( there are only 4-5 hospital in US that do it), everybody needs this body part to live.
Anyways I am forced to move. I would prefer the ocean like FL or TX or any Gulf of Mexico states. Can anybody give me an ideal of what state i should be moving to, to make it easy to find a doc, or if the doc inst as described over the phone. I would be extremely grateful
I have not had to play this stupid game for many years. In MN there is no other doc because despite MN Physicians board rules all clinics have agreed and are taking the 1 size fits all approach. As you can imagine if I have been doing this for 15 yrs give or take my physical dependence is high. I know one doc in AZ but I dont wanna live there. Can anybody give me ideas, ocean towns or not. Please remember I am a disabled vet so If you say San Diego I couldn't even afford to live there. Thanks for the help.