Okay so my boyfriend and I had sex for the first time. We both new all of the facts and what to do and all. But he forgot where he put his condom. He convinced me to let him put his penis inside of me for just a few seconds. He made sure there was no precum and he took it out and put it back in. We did that for a few minutes. He took it out wipped it in case there was precum and he put it back in. I told him to stop after a few minutes because I was scared I could get pregnant and I'm not on the pill. (just to be clear he did urinate about 2 hours before we've done this" afterwards he found his condom and he put it on and we thought we had no worries. We did what we did but he stopped after like 2 minutes and said something felt funny. He noticed the condom was ripped over the head but he didn't see precum. My period is off track since I am young and I am getting the usual cramps a little breast pain when I push on them and I'm a little bloated. It's been 4 days since I've had sex and I'm just really scared I could be pregnant. I was getting cramps before we had sex. So I hope nothing happened I'm really scared please help as soon as possible. Thankyou!