Mycobacterium avium-intracellulare -- TreatmentSide Effects - Need Honest Imput! I was diagnosed with ... avium-intracellulare (by culture) 08/07 and Bronchiectasis. In time I was blessed the find Doctor Timothy Aksamit at Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN who specializes in MAI/MAC. My understanding is that it is hard to know which one came first .. the MAI or the Bronchiectasis. My lung status has been up and down since diagnosis. I have made sure to get a lot of sleep .. try to eat fairly well .. take lots of vitamins .. have used Homeopathic remedies .. use the inhaler Qvar 80mcg twice a day for the Bronchiectasis .. and until 5/09/11 I was able to avoid the “toxic” treatment of 3 antibiotics for the MAI.

I have now been told that at my next 3 month check up if not improved we MUST discuss “the treatment”. I am a very analytical person so when pinned down he finally estimated that since 03/10 I have gone from approx a 2-3 to now a 5-6 according to the xray/additional lung infiltrates/breathing tests.

I have a TERRIFIC fear of the awful side affects of the 3 antibiotics. I have read just horrible things about them on other websites. To the point that I have considered just not doing it. I am nearly 68 years old .. have had just a wonderful life .. have no fear of dying .. would rather have quality than quantity of life.

My question is .. if you have done or are doing “the treatment” .. what has been your experience? What was your symptoms .. how severe .. for how long? Migraines is a horror of mine .. I take 4 preventives per day .. and headaches is listed! I would really appreciate your honesty .. what is .. is! But I need to honestly know what I am dealing with .. and I think Doctors downplay it. That it isn’t like going through chemo .. even though two doctors have said it was “toxic”! (Truth is I'm pretty scared .. AND I'm a pretty brave person!)