I have had headaches (mainly in the back of my head and my forehead), neck pain and back pain since I was in high school (over16 years). I had a severe head injury (thrown off a horse into a concrete post wrapped with barbed wire) when I was 9. My dad had to carry me like a baby for 2 weeks because I couldn't hold my head up. I had an MRI recently that said my neck has a failure to curve and minor arthritis and degenerative disc. Has anyone else had an ANA? I'm just not sure what a "low positive" means. My mom has fiberomyalgia and AS and her's was a medium positive. I've had all the pressure points for fiberomyalgia tested and none of them hurt. I'm going to see a rheumatologist the middle of July. I thought I might ask some questions in the mean time so I might know what to ask when I see the doctor. Thanks all for your help!